Video Editing

Since late 2000s I’d been interested in producing videos to share on the internet. At that time Youtube was just starting and the bandwidth too small to allow high-quality long videos. My first videos were footages from 25st of April parades in Milano, shared on Google Video (later joined to Youtube)

My first “real” video has been an interview to shoah survivor Yoram Friedman. The interview has been screened at the Milan Premier of movie “Run Boy Run“. I asked question sent from Milan Jewish School students:

Filmed on a Samsung camera, has been edited on Windows Movie Maker.

Since 2018 I’m in charge of shooting, editing and publishing the weekly sermons of Rav Raphael Katz from the MacDonald International Shul in Netanya. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic we are unable to shoot as usual and the Rav record himself and I later edit his recorings

In addition to the weekly sermons I take care of live streaming over Youtube & Facebook of events at the shul. In the wake of Yom Hashoah service in 2019, I realized a short movie about the Kindertransport 80th anniversary. The short included original interviews to some of the Netanya survivors and their relatives.

Since Summer 2020 I’m working with Rabbi Michi Nazrolai from Milan editing and publishing his lectures he gives on Facebook an Zoom.

I’m working on an italian youtube channel about tourism in Israel

I like to edit my videos on KdeNlive, a cross-platform open source Non-Linear Editor